Shenzhen King Lighting Co., Ltd are based in Guangdong, China and was established in 2011. As a leader in the manufacture of LED grow light, we establishing our own identity with distinct and different fixtures of our own, like the Double-Chip Series grow light, the Elite Series grow light, the Smart Series grow light.

As the brand owner of "BESTVA", we want to make a commitment to provide quality products and offer the best value. There are some very low cost, economy grade fixtures that have their own issues, and there are some very expensive, classy fixtures with lots of bells and whistles. We plan to stay somewhere in the middle with well designed, well made fixtures, at reasonable prices and no unnecessary extras.

BESTVA is made up of people who work in engineering, design, marketing, production and warranty services. We are growers, the great yield is our goal!  we know what you need and what you want. The foundation of this company is built upon the enhancement of growing hobby, our staff members are motivated to develop better products and help other growers.

Here all of us are happy about being able to communicate with you directly. We are here to help with BESTVA product information and customer service.

The management and staff of Shenzhen King Lighting Co., Ltd